Enlighten Pigment Pads
Enlighten Pigment Pads
Enlighten Pigment Pads
Enlighten Pigment Pads

Enlighten Pigment Pads

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These innovative pads contain botanical skin brightening agents, antioxidants, and skin-soothers to visibly brighten uneven skin tone, revitalize dull skin. Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, Bearberry, White Mulberry, Green Tea, and Milk Thistle present effectively utilize their natural abilities to visibly improve signs of aging, reveals a more radiant, youthful appearance. When paired with daily sun protection to prevent sun damage, it helps maintain an even skin tone over both the short-term and long-term.


✅Brightens and revitalizes dull skin

✅Contains a powerful blend of botanical skin brighteners, antioxidants, and skin-replenishing ingredients revealing a radiant complexion

✅Visibly improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin

✅Improves signs of aging

✅Helps maintain an even skin tone



 (Green Tea) Extract, (Bearberry) Leaf Extract, (Licorice) Root Extract, (White Mulberry) Root Extract, Kojic Acid, Alpha-Arbutin, (Milk Thistle),  (Vitamin C)

DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly over face and neck avoiding eye area. Allow to absorb before applying additional products. Can be used twice daily or as directed. Do not rinse. Tighten cap after use to prevent pads from drying out.

60 Pads

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