Brand Story


Brand Story

Imagine wanting to hide every time you leave the house because you dreaded the thought of anyone getting a glimpse of your bare face. Throughout my adolescent years and into my 20s, that's exactly how I felt. If it wasn't from a giant pimple forming on my forehead, it was the prominent hyperpigmentation on my skin leftover from previous acne flares. Like many women with melanated skin, my struggles with troubling acne left me feeling insecure. I would try everything to calm my blemishes and fade my dark spots, but nothing worked. It even came to a point where I thought I'd just have to accept the fact that if you had acne you're going to struggle with hyperpigmentation forever.

It wasn't until I attended esthetics school that I began to learn deeply about the skin and how it reacts to different ingredients. Something that never occurred to me was how there are so many different factors that contribute to conditions of hyperpigmentation, including inflammation, hormones, pollution, the sun, and genetics. The more I educated myself about acne and acne-related hyperpigmentation, the more I experimented with creating solutions that lasted.
After extensive research, along with a lot of trial and error, I was able to formulate products that helped me not only clear my skin, but improve my natural barrier, preventing unruly breakouts and future scarring.

While learning the artistry and science of skincare, it started to become clear to me that women are like plants. Our skin soaks up the minerals and vitamins that we need the most. With dedication and innovation, I launched Mona Venus Skin Care to help others in the journey to clearer skin and boosted confidence. Mona Venus Skin Care is a brand firmly rooted in being rejuvenated by natural ingredients to recharge the cell renewal and clarity that is built within us all. For my work with Mona Venus Skin Care, it is more than the results you get on the outside. It's the focus on what can be done on the inside as well. It is my pleasure to create a path toward healthier skin, especially for those struggling with acne and hyperpigmentation. I truly believe it's imperative to enrich the skin with the best science has to offer. No one should feel like they have to compromise anything for quality skincare.

Mission Statement

Since 2012, our mission at Mona Venus Skin Care is to provide our customers with high-performing products they need to transcend the idea of skincare with innovative, naturally derived ingredients for all skin types. We want each person who shops with us to feel powerful in their skin and radiate in their admiral features. It's time to put an end to harmful fast beauty trends and stick with ingredients that penetrate the skin for lasting results. In order to achieve targeted skin goals, we strive to continue advancing our research and development process.

Vision Statement

 As a black-owned and women-owned company, closing the gaps in the traditional views of skincare is what we aim to do at Mona Venus Skin Care. It is essential that our products are able to make a connection with not only who you are but how you navigate in your everyday life. We encourage you to believe in better. Most importantly, believe in yourself and the value you bring to this world.



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