Charcoal Lavender Cleansing Bar (Vegan)
Charcoal Lavender Cleansing Bar (Vegan)
Charcoal Lavender Cleansing Bar (Vegan)

Charcoal Lavender Cleansing Bar (Vegan)

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Charcoal Lavender Bar

Find peace with our calming Bar


Lather up with this creamy, dreamy bar and let its intoxicating scent transport you to a world of luxury. The soothing lavender fragrance is known to calm the mind and ease tension, while the activated charcoal helps draw out impurities from your skin. Each rich, moisturizing swipe will leave your skin feeling velvety soft, refreshed, and renewed.


Here’s Why You’ll Love This:

✓ Calming & purifying: Lavender lovers rejoice! This luxurious bar is made with pure, responsibly sourced ingredients and has a hypnotic, woodsy scent that's perfect for unwinding. With notes of shea butter, our Charcoal Lavender Bar will transform your daily routine into a spa-like experience.


✓ Cleanse your skin: The Charcoal Lavender Bar is the perfect way to achieve clean, healthy skin. This bar is made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and leave it feeling refreshed and renewed.


✓ Essential ingredients: It's made with natural ingredients like lavender oil and shea butter, which makes it gentle enough for all skin types. Activated charcoal and lavender oil work together to deep clean and detoxify your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.


✓ Gentle on skin: This product is needed for anyone who wants to feel refreshed and relaxed after a long day and is gentle enough for daily use. Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free!

: Burdock Root Powder, Charcoal Powder, Lavender Oil, Shea Butter

How to use: External Use Only
Lather Soap using a washcloth or hands apply to the desired areas and rinse off

3 oz

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